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Several Factors Affecting The Digital Oil Painting Wholesale

Digital oil painting wholesale prices associated with the following factors:
A: size: picture size, the greater the price will be higher.
B: oil painting category: portraits than landscapes you expensive than copying, custom painting and so on.
C: quality: it includes standard definition, fine-quality, quality levels associated with painters, paint, canvas, drawing time.
D: image complexity.
E: order quantity: quantity and wholesale customers can better discount.
If it is a special oil painting manufacture, such as customer on the production process of oil painting color and form more strictly, to drawn themes must be hundred percent accurate paintings of customized according to customers ' wishes, we will stop price is higher. Because our artists in the production process on the description of the picture will be more challenging overall finish time will be better.
Addition, some businesses of positioning is low-end of, they of digital painting price on will is low, certainly so-called a points money a points goods, low-end price of digital painting wholesale is not has good quality of, this quality bad, can body now, canvas quality is poor; pigment not propylene material or even is propylene material, is is poor of that, Wen Yiwen also will found has strongly of pungent smell. We all know digital painting plenty for children to play with, some hanging in the room. That safety and environmental protection is very important. It is recommended that when buying digital painting, don't pick the digital oil painting products. Goods are often cheaper online, Taobao in store and may have very different, Taobao also very good commodity prices than higher, this business is mainly in order to brush the credibility, and not to consider price. But to find such a product and time-consuming effort, there are many poor quality goods in order to confuse, cost-effective digital painting is often not easy.
If you are a gallery management, peer price advantage need digital oil painting wholesale price, you can get in touch with our online customer service, we will give you reasonable oil painting wholesale price today, quality assurance, marketing a good painting themes!