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Digital Oil Paints The Importance

Digital painting is more popular accessories on the market, with strong decorative and unique artistic charm, is one of the most aristocratic in decorative painting category, it gets rid of the traditional borders of decorative painting to bind, personality, fashion, has become a trend in modern home decor.
Digital painting good maintenance can save 200 or 300 years, this depends on digital painting materials used properly, in digital painting tools, paint effects can not be ignored.
Digital oil paint requirements
1. Paint to have strong coverage of digital paintings drawn professional oil painting knowledge is generally not understand the amateurs would often paint in the wrong place, paint in the wrong place and you just need to switch to another color to paint it again.
2. Paint is not easy to fade, save a long time. So you should buy more formal product. Environmentally friendly, nontoxic, pollution-free. In this way, the digital painting at home as decoration, safety and security, to create a healthy living environment of taste.
Types of digital painting
Digital painting is commonly used acrylic paint, this paint dry relatively strong, after the paint dried faster. Imported acrylic paints better, don't need polishes.